Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mason Line

I hit a brick wall with my maternal grandmother's side. I have Dorinda Mason listed as my grandmother's grandmother. After looking at her death record and figuring out she was born in West Brooksville, I googled Brooksville Maine genealogy. I saw the general town link for Brooksville so I went to it. I saw the "Organizations" link and found "Brooksville Historical Society." On the Brooksville Historical Society page at the very bottom was an email address to contact if further information was needed.

I wrote to the gentlemen listed and he wrote me back immediately. We have been corresponding for the last few weeks. He has someone involved who is helping him help me. She sent him the photos added below.

In the photos below there is a Naomi Dorinda Mason recorded as living in Brooksville, and her father is James Mason. I originally had James Mason as the father, but a cousin insists the father's name is Colonel Charles Mason since that is the name her grandmother (my great aunt with the middle name Verrill (explanation below) called him. The time and location match so I think she is the Dorinda Mason I'm researching.

Below shows "Marriage Intentions." In the first line I noticed the man had the middle name Verrill which is my great aunts middle name. I don't at this point know who this man is, but I thought it was interesting that they shared such an uncommon middle name. On the fifth line down under "Marriage Intentions" Mr. Nickerson Perkins and Miss Dorinda Mason are listed. I believe this is Heman Nicolas Perkins and Naomi Dorinda Mason.
 On this page shows the James Mason family, and listed is Naomi Dorinda Mason.

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