Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Ebay Find

One evening I was researching my husband's side of the family on I had been working on Henry and Mary Magdalena Allgeier who lived in Indiana. Henry and Lena are his 2nd great grandparents on his paternal side. I was telling him that sometimes people sell old pictures on ebay. To show him I went to ebay and typed in the names I had just been researching. A whole page of items showed up. These pictures were for sale on ebay. I couldn't believe it. I was able to negotiate with the seller and she brought the price down 60% for me which was the same had I only bought one picture. She had bought a photo album from someone in another state with the intention of selling the individual photos, and these photos were labeled. My husband's family landed in Kentucky, but this side of the Allgeier family traveled to Indiana to live.
Henry and Lena (Magdalena) Allgeier with two of their children

Henry Allgeier-2nd great grandfather

Frank Allgeier -2nd great grand uncle (Henry's 1/2 brother)
Joseph and Nicolas Allgeier -Great Grand Uncles ( Henry and Lena Allgeier's children)

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