Friday, January 4, 2019

Yearbook photos on Ancestry

Yesterday I started going through the documents for my Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 application, but I wanted a cup of coffee. I have found I cannot have a drink near my paperwork so I needed to do some work online.

I went to the little leaf on the title bar of my account and followed some of those leads. Sometimes it's too time intensive and I can't follow those trails so I decided to go a different route. I opened up my tree and started looking at my tree in the vertical view vs. pedigree view. I like to look at hints that are newer than the 1800s. I like the ones of those that are still living.

I found my uncle's high school photo in his school yearbook. Today I found my cousin's photo in her yearbook. I'll often download the picture and then crop to make it their profile picture if I don't have one for them. These yearbook photos give me a glimpse into my family in other ways than I have seen them.

My uncle was fifteen when I was born so when this photo was taken I was about three. I kind of remember him in looking like this, but he still have would been in his twenties in my memory instead of a teen. It's fun to look in the yearbook and see if it really is a family member.

I do have a brother I've never met, and unfortunately passed away in 1988. He was only two years older that I am. I have a picture of him when he was very young, but none when he was older. I found a Paul Nelson that could be him, but I'm not sure. If so this would give me a glimpse into what he looked like as a schoolboy. I'll keep hunting and hopefully find something that gives me an image of him. Thanks for providing these! I appreciate it!



Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Address labels for document identification

Today's Geneaology was something I did yesterday and the day before. I was going through the photocopied documents needed for my DAR supplemental application. On the back of each photocopy should be your name and other identifying information in case papers get separated it is known to whom they belong.

I took some Office Depot return address labels-the 1/2 x 1 3/4" size and made up a template on with the needed info. I typed in my name, my DAR number, and my DAR chapter name. I think I could have put my ancestor's name as well, but I didn't.

I also did the same thing for all the documents I'm turning into the National Society Children of the American Revolution. I'm in the process of submitting thirteen applications. Two for my youngest sons and eleven for some of my grandchildren.

When I first submitted my DAR app I wrote on every single document the needed info. This was a lot less time consuming and looks much neater.

It looked like this: Vikki Grieshaber  DAR#----------
                               Letitia Coxe Shelby Chapter

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy Blogiversary to me!

I was surprised when I found this Happy Blogiversary Post to me today on GeneaBloggers Tribe. Wow! I am so honored. I don't post as much as I had hoped I would, but am trying to get caught up and post everyday like my original intent.

I have thirteen children and thirteen grandchildren. I still have five living at home. Recently an older son just moved out with his family after living with us for nine or so months. They were relocating from the East Coast back to the West Coast and needed a soft place to land. No sooner did they move out and a younger brother and his family are in the process of moving in.

I homeschool my youngest four and taxi them back and forth to various classes and extracurricular activities. This leaves little time to post on my blog. I'm going to try and post a little something every day though. Because! I do genealogy every day and posting what I'm doing or have found was why I started my blog in the first place.

Thanks so much GeneaBloggers Tribe for the Happy Blogiversary post! I appreciate it!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

AncestryDNA Matches/Matches Map

I belong to the San Diego Genealogical Society and it's Facebook page. A recent post was about the little golden nugget found on Ancestry DNA Matches.  In the upper right hand corner and on the same title bar as your Hints/New/Starred/Regions is a little button that says, "Matches Map." When the button/link is clicked it takes you to a map and it shows you a map of the world, if widened enough. When I click I immediately see a map of the USA. It then shows me my matches up to 4th cousins.

The idea is that you can see where your DNA matches live and if any live close enough to you. I found a match very close in proximity to myself! The initials are CC and when I click the tear-dropped shape it tells me who it is and their relationship to me. This match happens to be a 4th cousin. I live very close to the Barona Indian Reservation, and recognized the last name immediately. It is the maiden name of one of my friends and is well known in the community.

It turns out they are from my paternal great-grandmother's side. My great-grandma was Susie Kregear and CC's mom was a Kregear. She was from Michigan as is my Kregear family. We corresponded back and forth a little bit and plan on meeting in person soon.

I had previously figured out that there were some other family members here in San Diego, but I hadn't figured out how we were related. Now I know.

It just goes to show that what you know could really valuable to someone else. If the poster on Facebook had not posted that I would never have taken the time to figure this out. Hopefully they'll have some photographs or wonderful bits of information on our Michigan family. I'm also happy to know other people who share a very distand past with me.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Joined the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 too!

Back in June 2016 I inquired with the San Diego Chapter of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 about joining. I found a paternal grandfather that qualified, and he was from my maiden name of Nelson. I received an online application to print and fill out. I had homework to do!

This is the information I sent in the original email:

U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815
NameSampson Nelson
Rank - InductionPRIVATE
Rank - DischargePRIVATE
Roll Box152
Microfilm PublicationM602

I did have a hard time proving that my 3rd great-grandfather was the son of my 4th great-grandfather. My 4th great-grandfather Sampson Nelson died in the fall of 1830. My 3rd great-grandfather Eli Nelson, his son, was born about 1831. Since Sampson died before Eli was born they were not on any documentation together.

In the 1850 Census Nancy VonSchriltz (Sampson's widow who had remarried and my 4th great-grandmother, was listed as head of the household with an Eli aged 20. This was the earliest documentation I have found with Eli being tied together with the Nelsons.

Eli Nelson
Birth Year
abt 1830
Home in 1850
Salem, Meigs, Ohio, USA
Family Number
Household Members
NameNancy Vonschriltz
NameLucy Ann Nelson
NameSilas Nelson
NameEli Nelson

By December 2016 I had sent my application to our local chapter membership registrar to preview. In December 2017 I received news that my application had been approved and I was an official member!

I attended my first 1812 meeting in April. They only meet twice a year, and with my schedule right now I'm not able to go. I'm hoping to free that up this coming year so I can participate. I did receive my name tag a few months ago, and I need to order my ribbon to wear to the meetings.

My lineage from Sampson Nelson:

Sampson Nelson
Eli Nelson
Rufus Nelson
Ray Nelson
Arthur Nelson
Victor Nelson

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Finding Your Roots starts January 8 on KPBS! Don't miss it!

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Season 5 Guide

Joining the Daughters of the American Revolution

Earlier this year my application to join the Daughters of the American Revolution was approved! I swore in and took my oath in February joining the Letitia Coxe Shelby Chapter here in San Diego County.

I had been trying to go through a paternal line that had a bit of trouble with the documentation. After a phone conversation with my mom she sent me in a different direction. I was now going through my maternal line. My great-aunt belonged to DAR, and I only needed to prove my lineage to her! That was easy! I already had birth certificates for myself, my husband, my mom, and birth and death certificates for my dad, grandparents. I then showed where my grandfather and great-aunt were brother and sister. 

I had attended a meeting before my swearing in and so was happy to join these lovely ladies. I am now the Chaplain for our chapter. I've been able to attend monthly chapter meetings, district luncheons, and a service day. 

I have my ribbon with my official pins. My ancestor is my 4th great-grandfather Elihu Hickok. 

I've recently turned in a supplemental application for my patriot Thomas Comstock who was Elihu's father-in-law which would make Thomas my 5th great-grandfather.

     My lineage for Elihu Hickok:

                 Elihu Hickok (Sabra Comstock)
Amanda Hickok
William Harmon Wheeler
Jennie Sarah Wheeler
Harold Arthur Morgan
Merrilyn Jean Morgan


             My lineage for Thomas Comstock:

                   Thomas Comstock (Sarah Comstock-his cousin)
Sabra Comstock
Amanda Hickok
William Harmon Wheeler
Jennie Sarah Wheeler
Harold Arthur Morgan
Merrilyn Jean Morgan