Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Cox Story: A Pioneer Family by Barbara J Cox

Today I had some downtime after providing security at a three day youth conference. I am "friends" with some of my extended family that I have found on Ancestry. My distant cousin Barbara J. Cox wrote a book entitled A Cox Story: A Pioneer Family which can be found online. I printed it out and placed it in a three ring folder so I could take it with me and read away from my computer.

Browsing through I saw that another family member Harriet E. Doud had written a fictionalized account of her pioneer life in Hoof-Beaten Trails where she gives insight into her childhood during the pioneer times. 

This is the description given by the seller: Harriet Eberly Doud (1841-1944) was born in Wood County, Ohio, taught school in Indiana before settling in Norwalk. She wrote this book of stories about the pioneers along the Portage River in western Ohio in 1893 but it was not published until 1938. 

I found it on ABE Books and ordered the seller's first edition copy hoping the seller still has it. I'm waiting to hear if they do. 

Here is an Amazon link to the book: Hoof-Beaten Trails

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Captionless Image

Ebenezer Johnson

Today I was researching Ebenezer Johnson on my maternal line. Ancestry gave me some hints, but I wanted to review the information I had to make sure these hints are for my Ebenezer Johnson. I reviewed one of my resources which is Vermont Wills and Probate Records, 1749-1999 for Ambrose N. Johnson who is Ebenezer's son.

My take away for today was in the Heir List on page 156. I was able to find middle initials for some of his descendants. This will help with hints in the future as I confirm that they are for my family or not.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Seeking Michigan: Correction Records

As I was using Facebook the other day I came across a post from someone speaking of the Correction Records from Seeking Michigan. I didn't know those existed on that site, but I immediately followed the link to see what I could find since my dad had been imprisoned in Jackson State Prison.

Correction Records

I ordered the index card since losing $5 was better than losing $10. I didn't get any confirmation that they had his record, but I figured they did, and I was right. I ordered it on Monday and received the digital copy today.

I still need to decipher the coding used, but I've already gained some information that I didn't have before.

On the index card I found:

1. He escaped from prison on March 31, 1968 and wasn't caught until April 4, 1968.

2. His IQ was 104.

3. His discharge date

4. FBI #

5. Height & weight, eye and hair color, complexion: ruddy, build: medium

6. He had a flower tattoo

7. Last address

8. Military record: Navy

9. Education: 10

10. Occupation: Railroad Switchman

Since I found all of this information plus more I decided to spend the $20 to purchase the Corrections Registry to see if I can find out why he was incarcerated. The note on the card says R/UnA for Offense. Then his secondary was Prison Escape.

I had a hard time finding the Correction Records on Seeking Michigan again. I had to travel through my browsing history to find it. I'll update after I receive the registry.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Arthur Stephen Morgan and Jennie Wheeler Morgan

For some reason I was researching my 2nd great aunt and her daughters; my first cousins 2x removed. I noticed that Blanch had some 24 hints on Ancestry so I clicked and found a goldmine! There was a family picture that included my 2nd great-grandmother Rhoda Bailey Spear Morgan. I have seen a picture of her before, but was excited to come across another picture that had been submitted by Ancestry member chrogonin.

Then I found them. My Great-Grandparents;Arthur and Jennie (Wheeler) Morgan I have never seen a picture of them before. I had no idea what they looked like. The picture was taken before my grandfather was even born. The youngest family member in the picture was born in 1894. My grandfather was born in 1908. From this picture it's evident to me he had his mother's eyes.

Arthur Stephen Morgan and Jennie Wheeler Morgan (my great-grandparents)

Their son Harold Morgan and his wife Agnes Long Morgan (my maternal grandparents)

The original picture

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The National Society United States Daughters of 1812

I've been working on my application to apply to The National Society United States Daughters of 1812. I'm hoping to join from my Nelson line through Sampson Nelson. I've sent my application in for preview. I've copied my documents, and written the necessary information on the back of each. My glitch is that Sampson Nelson and Eli Nelson, his son, never appear in documents together by name. Sampson died the year Eli was born. Eli is listed in the 1830 census as a tic mark, but not a name. I don't have a birth or death record for Sampson either. I do have a marriage record, and his 1812 service record which I found on Ancestry and Fold3.

To further complicate things his wife was Ann Carnes, but went by Nancy. On their marriage record she is listed as Ann Carnes, but after that is referred to as Nancy Nelson. When Sampson died Nancy married his friend Lewis Vonschriltz so she is also Nancy Vonschriltz. Nancy is on record as having a son named Eli Nelson so I'm hoping those facts can be tied together.

Now I'm going to work on application to Daughters of the American Revolution.

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1860 Census for Salem Township, Pomeroy, Meigs, OH

In today's research I researched Eli Nelson my 3rd great-grandfather. I'm trying to provide a good direct link between him and his father in documents which hasn't been easy. His father Sampson Nelson died the year Eli was born.

I hit the Search button on, and up came an 1860 Census for Ohio. I looked over the page, but there are a few discrepancies with the information stated in the census. So what to do? Is this my Eli Nelson? How do I work through the information?

On line 20, N Nelson is listed. However I need E Nelson not N Nelson. Who is listed with him? Matilda who is a 27 year old female, Roena a 5 year old female, and Mills a 5 year old male.

Facts as I know them: My Eli Nelson has a wife named Matilda who would have been 27 at the time of this census. Eli had a daughter names Rowena/Roena who would have been 5 at this time, Eli had a son named Miles about age 3 at this time.

Right below N Nelson is a N Vonschriltz, 66 year old male.  I believe this was actually my 4th great-grandmother Eli's mother Nancy Nelson Vonschriltz. Nancy would have been 66 or 67 at the time of this census. Listed with N Vonschriltz is L Nelson 36 year old female who was likely Nancy's daughter-Eli's sister Lucinda Nelson who would have been 36 at the time of this census. I don't have Lucinda as ever being married so her living with her mother at age 36 would have been normal, I believe. Under L Nelson is E Rifee 16 year old male. Nancy's daughter Mary Nelson married Andrew Rife and had a son named Eli Rife who would have been 16 in 1860.

Given the info in this census I believe they are my Eli Nelson and Nancy Vonschriltz. This helps me narrow down Nancy's death period as I didn't have anything on her past 1850. I will continue to research this document. I have looked several pages before and after. There are other Nelsons and Vonschriltzs in the the area at that time. Ultimately I would like to know when Nancy died and where she is buried.