Friday, January 12, 2018

Seeking Michigan: Correction Records

As I was using Facebook the other day I came across a post from someone speaking of the Correction Records from Seeking Michigan. I didn't know those existed on that site, but I immediately followed the link to see what I could find since my dad had been imprisoned in Jackson State Prison.

Correction Records

I ordered the index card since losing $5 was better than losing $10. I didn't get any confirmation that they had his record, but I figured they did, and I was right. I ordered it on Monday and received the digital copy today.

I still need to decipher the coding used, but I've already gained some information that I didn't have before.

On the index card I found:

1. He escaped from prison on March 31, 1968 and wasn't caught until April 4, 1968.

2. His IQ was 104.

3. His discharge date

4. FBI #

5. Height & weight, eye and hair color, complexion: ruddy, build: medium

6. He had a flower tattoo

7. Last address

8. Military record: Navy

9. Education: 10

10. Occupation: Railroad Switchman

Since I found all of this information plus more I decided to spend the $20 to purchase the Corrections Registry to see if I can find out why he was incarcerated. The note on the card says R/UnA for Offense. Then his secondary was Prison Escape.

I had a hard time finding the Correction Records on Seeking Michigan again. I had to travel through my browsing history to find it. I'll update after I receive the registry.