Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Cox Story: A Pioneer Family by Barbara J Cox

Today I had some downtime after providing security at a three day youth conference. I am "friends" with some of my extended family that I have found on Ancestry. My distant cousin Barbara J. Cox wrote a book entitled A Cox Story: A Pioneer Family which can be found online. I printed it out and placed it in a three ring folder so I could take it with me and read away from my computer.

Browsing through I saw that another family member Harriet E. Doud had written a fictionalized account of her pioneer life in Hoof-Beaten Trails where she gives insight into her childhood during the pioneer times. 

This is the description given by the seller: Harriet Eberly Doud (1841-1944) was born in Wood County, Ohio, taught school in Indiana before settling in Norwalk. She wrote this book of stories about the pioneers along the Portage River in western Ohio in 1893 but it was not published until 1938. 

I found it on ABE Books and ordered the seller's first edition copy hoping the seller still has it. I'm waiting to hear if they do. 

Here is an Amazon link to the book: Hoof-Beaten Trails

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Captionless Image

Ebenezer Johnson

Today I was researching Ebenezer Johnson on my maternal line. Ancestry gave me some hints, but I wanted to review the information I had to make sure these hints are for my Ebenezer Johnson. I reviewed one of my resources which is Vermont Wills and Probate Records, 1749-1999 for Ambrose N. Johnson who is Ebenezer's son.

My take away for today was in the Heir List on page 156. I was able to find middle initials for some of his descendants. This will help with hints in the future as I confirm that they are for my family or not.