Saturday, January 31, 2015

Solving puzzles

Yesterday I was contacted by a distant cousin because we have small match on 23andMe. This got me looking into that side of the family. These people have been some of my brick walls. I decided to work sideways to see if I can show what my 2nd great-grandmother's first and last name are. I have Margaret Shore, on Family Search they have Margaret Share, and on another record there is Shaw.

I decided to look at all of her children to see if I could find clues. I found a marriage record for one of her daughters. I decided to look at her oldest son to see what I could find. I had Joseph Long. I found a record for a Joseph F. Long serving in the Civil War military. I decided to change the name and place the F. as his middle initial. More service records popped up on Ancestry. I still wasn't convinced that this was the Joseph Long I was looking for, but I kept adding anyways knowing I could always delete the records if I needed to. Finally his birth record with his parents names included and the F. initial showed up. Big sigh of relief!  I also found he as born in Maine and not New Brunswick. I deleted his death years as for some reason I had put some random years in there at one time.

Although I haven't figured out Margaret/Margarett yet, I am getting closer. Looking for the correct information within these documents is much like solving a puzzle.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Book orders!

Glastenbury for Two Hundred Years 1853 by Rev. Alonzo B. Chapin

I ordered that little beauty above from Amazon yesterday. It's my first book purchase that mentions my families' names. I saw several of my ancestors from different families listed. (Hollister) Since it was less than $20 I hit the purchase button. I know I can read it online, but I wanted the print version as well.

Today I ordered Unofficial Guide to from I took a survey, and they offered another 15% off the already on sale price so that came out to less than $20 with shipping.

Can't wait to get them!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

I received the birth and death certificates for my four paternal grandparents, and their marriage certificates. These were all from Michigan. I had to send a photocopy of my driver's license as well as birth certificates of mine and my father to show that we are related to those whose names appear in the docs.

This week I filled out the paperwork for my paternal great-grandparents. I am dealing with a new state which is New York so their process is a little different. I think my great-grandfather was born one year after they started keeping records. I'm hoping that his birth year is accurate and they have the certificate I want.

I've been working on the Hollister Family which I found goes back to the Revolutionary War and before that England.

I've been in contact with relatives that match me in 23andMe. That's always interesting as we learn which relatives we have in common.