Saturday, January 31, 2015

Solving puzzles

Yesterday I was contacted by a distant cousin because we have small match on 23andMe. This got me looking into that side of the family. These people have been some of my brick walls. I decided to work sideways to see if I can show what my 2nd great-grandmother's first and last name are. I have Margaret Shore, on Family Search they have Margaret Share, and on another record there is Shaw.

I decided to look at all of her children to see if I could find clues. I found a marriage record for one of her daughters. I decided to look at her oldest son to see what I could find. I had Joseph Long. I found a record for a Joseph F. Long serving in the Civil War military. I decided to change the name and place the F. as his middle initial. More service records popped up on Ancestry. I still wasn't convinced that this was the Joseph Long I was looking for, but I kept adding anyways knowing I could always delete the records if I needed to. Finally his birth record with his parents names included and the F. initial showed up. Big sigh of relief!  I also found he as born in Maine and not New Brunswick. I deleted his death years as for some reason I had put some random years in there at one time.

Although I haven't figured out Margaret/Margarett yet, I am getting closer. Looking for the correct information within these documents is much like solving a puzzle.

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