Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DAR Records and Genealogy Information Found Within Them

Saturday when I went to the San Diego Genealogical Society's monthly Saturday meeting a representative from the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) and the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution were there. The DAR rep opened up new avenues for me. There is some family I haven't been able to find either a date or a document. As I understood it only the first three generations starting with me need both exact dates and places of births, deaths, marriages. Past those generations one good date is needed. Hurrah! I might have an exact death date, but not an exact birth date. This opens up the possibilities for me!

I went online to the DAR website and started researching my under the green GRS tab at the top of the page. I then went down to the Ancestor link and typed in my known Revolutionary ancestors.
I have three that I know of that have been confirmed with DAR.

Those men are:
Nathaniel Hollister
Moses Stickney, Sr.
Paul Stickney

For Nathaniel Hollister I purchased the Application that had been submitted by someone else for $10, and the supporting documents they submitted for $20. Gold mine!

I instantly found birth and death dates for several people, spouses, children, etc...which when I posted the info on my Ancestry.com tree opened up new hints and now I have some photos to go with those faces.

Just this morning I found the Civil War records for a 5th great uncle, several headstone pictures on Find-A-Grave.

I found I had purchased the application for Moses Stickney, Sr. in the past, but would still like to purchase the supporting docs for him.

By the way all three of these men came from my father's side which is very redeeming. My father wasn't known for being an upstanding citizen so to find all these wonderful men in my lineage well it's very satisfying.

Happy Hunting!

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